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Sitting comfortably, being able to get some fresh air, being able to see well and having sufficiently large OH images. These are all important, practical aspects of holding a conference.

All the conference rooms at the Character Hotel have comfort cooling which produces the temperature we want for our fresh air. We have comfortable, upholstered chairs with armrests. Our OH projectors are installed in the ceiling and produce a large and clear image.

TV images can be viewed on both the TV screen and on a screen wall. Sound is reproduced in surround sound. Films can be shown with strong cinematic effect. And we arrange everything else, including morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner, according to your wishes.

For more information and prices please contact:
Tel: 0492-798 90

Examples of some of the conference activities we are able to offer

– Moose safari
– Bowling
– Beer and whisky tasting at Åbro Brewery
– Guided tour of Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
– Golf
– Sauna

Conference rooms

50 people in classroom arrangement
60-70 people in cinema arrangement
40 people in classroom arrangement
50 people in cinema arrangement
24 people seated around a table
12 people seated around a table
8 people seated around a table


PC-kanon, overhead, Internet, TV, surroundljud och whiteboard.

OH projector, overhead, Internet, TV standard and big screen, surround sound and whiteboard.

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